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    We are VERY excited fxpro super trader review to announce that The Haverhill Brewery will be undergoing some significant, much needed, and awesome changes in the new year! Without getting into details, let me just say that you should be paying close attention to upcoming happenings. We have a lot of things on the board and some of the smaller decisions we make are considered part of the learning process and experimental. One of those changes is a turbo-charged initiative for fxpro withdrawal review all things social media.

    A couple weeks ago we decided it was time to get really active on Twitter. As simple as it sounds, questions arose. Do we have one account that everyone has access to? Do we have one account for each department? Do we unify the names under one umbrella? We arrived at the decision that it was best, at this time, to have each individual brewery staff member be in control of their own Twitter handle. Due to our small size we thought it was best to be able to connect with customers on an intensely personal basis. To follow your local brewery is one thing — but to follow your local brewery worker as an individual, is a step above the rest fxpro pip calculator in terms of connection.

    Another reason for this decision was “What about Facebook?” We concluded that Facebook would be the ‘umbrella/mother ship’ as it pertains to social media. News regarding product releases and broad-range information about our beer. If you just want updated draft lists for the pub and know when new beers are hitting shelves, all you have to do is like us on Facebook and track us as a brewery. If you’re the type of uber-connected localvore/beer geek who loves to know when Jon is adding hops to the kettle or be alerted when Ali is dropping off a keg to your favorite bar, you can follow them individually on Twitter. We want our customers to be completely integrated into what we do. You love our beer? WE LOVE YOU. Individual accounts allow our personalities to shine through and let you, our passionate customers, to become a connected part of this wonderful beer-crafting machine called the Haverhill Brewery.

    There are possible cons we have foreseen. Is this too much? “Who the heck should I follow? You’re clogging up my timeline!” It’s possible. But we see it merely as a way to give you more options. Our answer to all this would be: Follow the people you think pertain to your interests the most. See who we follow as individuals. And then make a decision from there. If you had a great conversation with a specific staff member at a fest or a tasting, you may just want to follow them specifically. Want to see pictures of production and hear some Bruins updates? Follow Justin. Interested in local events and pics of killer pubs around New England? Follow Brian. It’s all up to you. Click our names above, or visit our contact page to look over your options and send it to your friends! We may change our minds in the future, but again this is all part of the learning process and we feel it’s the right decision, right now.

    Please bear with us as we make some transitions. This website is an example of that. We are unable to express our excitement for the new year. Thank you so much for your continued and growing support!

    The Haverhill Brewery Staff